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Welcome to Binky Productions. Binky is an underground independent Filmmaker, YouTuber and Gamer. Binky produces Films, Web Series, Parodies, Tutorials, and also likes to dab into Cocktail Creation and other funsies.

Binky also provides multimedia services for Video Production and Video Post-Production, such as Commercial Videos, Music Videos, Demos, Colour Correction/Color Grading, SFX Lists, Screenplay Writing, and more.

So come on in and discover Binky/Darth Shadie/Celinka Serre in all her greenery.
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Highlights – April 2019:

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing Pre-order begins April 5th 2019 (at a discount price). Official release on May 1st. The fantasy novel series begins as the main characters start their journey to discover their stardust destinies. Grab your copies in print or e-book format on Amazon and other bookstores.

The indie short film Pathogen has been completed. A few details remain to put together only. Check out the official web page.

Green Healing is now also on iTunes and Whooshkaa for audio versions of the episodes, and now posting regular episodes every two weeks. All the details are on the official page. Green Healing talks about alternative and natural healing from CPTSD and abuse. Empower Yourself and be Emotionally Free.

You’ll be able to find some of the things I write here shared on Steemit now. I also write new content there as well, things I write just for Steemit, so if you want to Follow me on Steemit

Darth Shadie: Lady of the Force is now archived in full, so you can read each chapter in subsequent order if you’d like to. This is the first story of my Star Wars Fan-Fiction. More are to come.

There are several ways in which you can support me: Patreon, PayPal Tip Jar, Steemit, BTC. Check them all out and find which way fits you best if you’d like to make a contribution on the official How To Contribute page

For a mix of Fan-Fiction and Role-Play, be sure to check out Gaming Character Backstories.

A baby is being transformed into a creature, it’s growing bigger with tentacles… Sapphire Prophecies has taken a new turn. We are adapting the script for it to become an RPG video game. We will seek to team up with game developers once the main outline is complete. If you are a game developer, you can view more details on the whole thing on our Sapphire Prophecies page.