Image – Green = Magenta?

This week on Binky’s Blog, Binky talks about the importance of, and a good way to develop the sill, colour-correction.

“That’s right. When you enter the world of colour-correction and RGB, balancing light and colour in an image, the rules of colour we thought we knew don’t apply. Needless to say, although time consuming and at times confusing, it is a necessary part of video post-production. It allows one’s video to be, well, balanced out.

When you’re on set, you can have all the necessary lighting equipment, do all your white balances properly, yet when you’ve edited your video, the light and colour changes from shot to shot. This is normal. We cannot fully control light and colour on set. In a perfect world, it would be automatic and there would be no need for this task. Which is why people like Binky Productions and other companies offer this service. It’s okay if you don’t have the patience for it, and if you do, and you want to understand more or learn it altogether, then you’ve come to the right blog.”

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