E-book Covers and Colour Adjust Discoveries

This week on Binky’s Blog, Binky shares her discoveries in creating e-books covers without spending more a few bucks at most, and adjusting image colour without being a graphic designer.

“I just spent the past 5 hours (11 PM to 4 AM) trying to figure out how to create an e-book cover and adjust colour on an image. Okay, some of you might be going “duah”. Thing is, I’m not a graphic artist and I don’t draw. Illustrator and Photoshop are alien to me. Needless to say the image wouldn’t open in Photoshop. And now you’re wondering, from someone who makes videos, WHY am I trying to create an e-book cover. Simple, so I can sell my own e-books on my website. I did mention I had a series of short stories I wanted to self-publish. What I found was that I can do all this with Powerpoint and Adobe ImageReady. Let me share with you what I discovered.”

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