The Importance of Being Well Lit

This week on Binky’s Blog, Binky shares an experience involving filming at night and what they did to better a scene without any professional lighting equipment, as well as give some advice on how to avoid mishaps in these circumstances.

“Last weekend, we drove down to the country side in Ontario, on the border of Quebec, to film some scenes that needed to look somewhat medieval (for a fundraiser/trailer and for the geek programmer web series We had no problem for our day scenes, not even any shadow off-setting the sun to worry about. It was cloudy, so the light was consistent everywhere, at all times. All that was needed to do was lower the exposure on the camera. However, there was a scene at night, and (given that it was for the fundraiser, so we had no funds yet to pay for the appropriate LED spotlights that are good to light up a scene at night) it required some problem solving.”

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