Auction for Film Concept and Copyright Now Live


Binky Productions is Selling a Concept and Copyright for a Mockumentary film. You can bid via the online auction now open until November 19th.

The person who bids the highest, will get the Full Rights Transfer for the Mockumentary. I will also transfer the Copyright Certification via the Intellectual Property Office of Canada so that the new Copyright owner will be registered legally and may receive a new Copyright Certificate. You then have All Rights. The Concept Outline will be included as an annex to the agreement that I will draw out for this copyright ownership transfer, which will include a clause for non-disclosure on my part.

The auction is NOW LIVE on and bidding begins at $1000 CAD. View more details there!

LOG LINE: Imagine if instead of being the President of the United States, Barack Obama had become Prime-Minister of Canada. See how that would affect Canadian politics and what conflicts would be resolved. When a natural disaster threatens the survival of Canada itself, the only way to save Canada is for the new Prime-Minister to create an alliance between the Quebec Sovereign people and Western Canada and create peace once and for all between the warring language factions.

Think you can pull it off and create an awesome dramedy Mockumentary film? Bid now and claim your copyright ownership. It’s yours for the taking!


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