A New Venture Approaches

Binky Productions will be launching an Indiegogo campaign next week to raise funds for the company’s renewal expenses that are coming up. Binky needs your help in order to stay in the green.

We are offering a variety of neat perks, such as a draw to win one of two DVDs; two prizes, two winners. We also have writing perks, such as a Role-Playing Fan-fiction character writing YOU a letter, and a short scene where that character personally delivers their letter to you. Perks also include having your name and link to your site on the Binky’s Contributors page and name in the credits of future videos and much more. Perk amounts start as low as $2 and go as high as $100.

You can lock in your donation today even! Just e-mail us and we’ll send you the direct link on the day the campaign launches. And be sure to stay tuned for more info and goodies the campaign can bring you, as we launch the Greening Binky Venture. The campaign begins April 10th.

info@binkyproductions.com to lock in your donation.



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Binky Productions is a film production company that produces films, skits and commercial videos. Celinka Serre is the founder and president of Binky Productions. Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor, among other things, she has been working on various titles since the age of 20. View all posts by binkyproductions

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