We’re already more than a quarter of the way there! My alter egos and I invite you to join the party.

05-RP Characters Montage

You don’t want to miss being a Topiary or Fancy Topiary contributor. The Topiary perk, available at $20, allows you to choose one of my role-playing fan-fiction characters and -they- will write -you- a letter. The Fancy Topiary is our featured perk and an upgrade to Topiary, available at $25. In addition to receiving a letter from the character of your choice, you also get a short scene where that character personally delivers their letter to you.

You can familiarise yourself with these characters by visiting: There are 15 of them, and enough of a mix of species and dark or light personalities to tickle anyone’s fancy. Remember all perks accumulative, so you also get Shoutouts, and Name and Link on the Contributors page.

Grab this opportunity to utilise my writing talents to your benefit while you can! Hop on board to the Greening Binky Venture. Help me stay in the green!


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