Fuzzy Emeralds

If you have a business, event, or project and could use some promoting, then the Greening Binky Venture has perks that give you services you could benefit from. 


Green Fuzzies contributors have an nice array of promotional services. Available at $50, the perk adds your Logo to accompany your Name and Link on the Binky’s Contributors page, where you appear near the top, Logo or Banner ad on the Binky Home page, you also receive a Post on social media to promote you business, website, page, event or project, and your name appears in the Credits of the next 3 videos I post on youTube (the DarthShadie channel). All this for the next six month, until October 31st, 2016.

Emerald contributors, an upgrade from Green Fuzzies, the perk being available at $100, get the same thing BUT with MORE additions and for longer. Your Logo, Name and Link appear at the very TOP of the Contributors page, that plus the Banner ad or logo on Home page stays there for the YEAR, until April 30th, 2017. You also get 5 promotional posts through the year and your name in the Credits of the next 5 videos I post on YouTube.

Remember that all perks are accumulative, so you also get Shoutouts, and a letter from the role-playing fan-fiction character of your choice, with an accompanying scene where they deliver their letter to you.

Let’s co-promote each other! Hop on board to the Greening Binky Venture. Help me stay in the green!



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