Halfway Point

The Greening Binky Venture has reached its halfway point time-wise. Will it reach its halfway point monetarily today too? You can help!


I need to raise funds for my upcoming renewal expenses. That includes: IMDB Pro, where all my film pages are, website and domain hosting, business email, and other expenses that allow me to continue to exist as I do, while I continue to bring you videos and writing projects.

I have a variety of amazing green-titled perks, such as: Shoutouts; Name on the Contributor’s page with Link to your site; A Letter and a Scene written just for you by one of my role-playing fan-fiction characters, you choose the character, they write the letter, and the scene encompasses them delivering their letter to you; Promotional Posts and Credit in future videos, and more! Perks begin as low as $5.

So hop on board to the Greening Binky Venture. Help me stay in the green!



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