Three days left

There are three days left to the Greening Binky Venture. Will you be the one to help us make it to our goal? You know, I like to lay it on with the green puns, because I’m obsessed with green, but it’s not about the green walls or pillow, it’s not about dyeing my hair green… It’s about the energy of the colour itself, the colour of healing, because that’s what I’m living at the moment; I am healing and being able to pay my expenses so that I can continue to do what I love is going to help me heal.


Have a look at our green-titled perks, which are all accumulative, so when you choose a higher amount, you get everything that comes before it as well.

Green and Keen contributors receive Shoutouts on Facebook and Twitter. Fern contributors earn their place on the Binky’s Contributors page on the Binky website. Tall Fern contributors, an upgrade from Fern, get in addition a Link to accompany their name on the Binky’s Contributors page. Topiary contributors get to choose one of my role-playing fan-fiction characters and -they- will write -you- a letter. Fancy Topiary contributors, an upgrade from Topiary, get in addition a short scene where that character personally delivers their letter to you. Green Fuzzies contributors get a promotional post, name near the top of the Contributors page, logo with name and link, logo or banner ad on the Home page, plus name in the credits of the next 3 videos, all for the next 6 months. Emerald contributors, an upgrade from Green Fuzzies, get more promotional posts, credit in more videos and the rest is the same, but they are at the very top of the Contributors page and all this for the next year.

We’re almost there folks. Hop on board to the Greening Binky Venture. Help me stay in the green!


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