Last Call – Final Day

This is it folks, it’s the last day to the Greening Binky Venture campaign on Indiegogo. I am just $25 short of my goal as it stands. So I still need your help, just a few more donations and I’ll be there.

By now you know the expenses I am covering with this campaign. Let’s see… IMDB Pro: Check. Website: Check. Google for Business: Check. Indiegogo fees: Got no choice so Check. Phone bill until 2017: Not there yet! It would be great if I could have that covered and not worry about it until literally next year.

21-Greening Binky.jpg

So which perks tickle your fancy? A letter from a character/alter ego? A scene to accompany that perhaps? Shout-outs? Promo and credit in videos? Ads on my website? Take your pick. They are all up for grabs still until midnight!

It’s been an amazing run so far, from $5 contributions to $150. Yes, that’s right! Plus all the shares, tweets, people talking about my campaign to others.

The Greening Binky Venture is not over yet. You can still be a part of it and be among those helping me to stay in the green. Hop on board quick though, the train’s about to leave the station!



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