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When looking for news from around the world, it can get tedious having to search in search engines for what’s really going on and not just what’s trending about the little dog that old lady in said country likes to groom a certain way.

Well, you don’t have to search much farther anymore. The one-stop place for world news, the news that actually matters, from all countries in the world, is available at

Hosted by TacticalFM, the French Canadian podcast of world news, has articles from around the world, in English, and some in French. So if French isn’T your first language and you’re unable to understand the podcasts, you can still learn about the same events by visiting

Each article title has coloured borders, so it’s easy on the eyes, with a little flag icon to let you know what country the article is from. When you click on the article title, it redirects you to the article itself.

Search no further for the news you want, it’s all here,, the one stop place for for the important news across the globe that matters. Book mark, arguably one of the world best sources of world news.


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