How To Succeed an Indie Online Fundraiser

I have had now two successful fundraisers online. How many? TWO! As my alter ego would say it. I figured I would share a bit on how that was possible. And I warn you, this page is chalk full of information😀

So to elaborate my already elaborate title: How to succeed a small indie online fundraising campaign without outside help.

What do I mean by outside help? I mean those companies that fill your inbox with messages noting how your campaign is bound for success but that claim you can’t do it without their help and who claim they will get you: views, exposure, backers, etc. The ones that say their prices have never been this low before, and who would charge you $200 when you’re trying to raise $500. Those guys. Don’t worry about anything they are telling you. It’s what they do, they work in sales. But you don’t need them. Not for anything under $5000, I reckon.

All right, here are some fun approximate percentages: 50% of the work happens before the start of the campaign, 30% during the campaign, and 20% after the campaign has ended. I’m going to go through each step, assuming you’ve never done a campaign before, and if you have, perhaps you can gain from this as well. It took me a couple of embarrassingly awful campaigns to have some successful ones and I’m pretty sure I will keep learning and improving the more campaigns I do. In which case, I will probably add additional notes in that event, so that anyone visiting can maximise their potential for success.

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