Checklist Done and ISBNs Assigned – Self-Publishing Discoveries and Progress!

When I started writing my novel at 19, I had no idea when or how I’d be publishing. Later on, it became clear to me that Self-Publishing was the route for me. But I still had no clue what I was doing. I read up on how to self-edit. So I did that during my burnout years, when I could barely even get myself out of bed. I’d sit there, reading, writing notes to add, things to correct and such. I’ve only applied corrections to Book 1 and I think 2. You see, there are 5 books, like five points of a star. Of course, I’m writing the sixth one, but the main focus for now are Books 1 to 5, most notably Book 1.

When Book 1 was ready to be professionally edited, I found my editor, who also gave me a few pointers on things she noticed in my style of writing that she fixed up. With this info, I can proofread Book 2 to 5, after applying corrections from the self-edit, and apply what I know, like making sure I’m not doing the “hive mind thing” hehe

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