Aya, Jaal and lots of Voeld (Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay)

In this week’s gameplay for Mass Effect: Andromeda, I arrive on Aya and meet the Angara for the first time, hence meeting Jaal. After a meeting and some private discussions with my shipmates, I proceed to Voeld for the A Trail of Hope mission, take care of some Remnant sightings, defeat some Kett, and discover the coldest planet in all of the Bioware games, with decreasing temperatures constantly nagging me.

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Aya – Meeting Jaal – A Trail of Hope Part 1.1 (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 20):

A Trail of Hope Part 1.2 – continuing on the Tempest (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 21):

Voeld Part 1 (A Trail of Hope) (Mass Effect Andromeda Gampleay Part 22):

Voeld Part 2 (A Trail of Hope) (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 23):

Voeld Part 3 (A Trail of Hope) (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 24):







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