Help A Fellow Cosplayer Get Into A Make-up School!

Hello Steemians, I’m helping out a fellow cosplayer to get into her dream school for cinematic make-up. Her Adaar cosplay is just absolutely AMAZING! To get in she needs us to vote for her on the school’s page, which sucks because she clearly has talent and should be accepted IMO.

Link to vote for Veida Miki:

If you encounter an ad, Hit skip or Continue. This link should bring you to her video, but if it does not, hers is the indigo face with horns.

Here is her pitch: “Hello! I need all your help I made Dragon Age Adaar Inquisitor cosplay video which is for this Scholarship competition. I NEED YOUR HELP TO VOTE!! It’s one of my biggest dreams to get in this Cinema makeup school! Help me reach that dream!

At the moment facebook voting competition is happening, and I’m trying my best to stay in it. It all depends on how many votes I have, which is sad because I worked so hard on this costume and it all depends who has more friends, family, followers to vote for you. So I’m ASKING YOU TO HELP ME STAY IN COMPETITION BY VOTING FOR ME!!! I would really appreciate it!! You can also vote every day. I really need help with votes and I’m not person who wants to cheat. SHARE IT AROUND!!!

Her video:


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