Shadie Story 2 Cosplay

shadie story 2 main image (w watermark)

Darth Kromus’s Holocron (Shadie series – Binky Ink – Celinka Serre)

I hope you enjoyed the journey our friends have gone through in Story 2 of the Shadie Series world of fan-fiction Star Wars. You can reread all the Chapters on the official Story 2 page:

You can always now view all the Cosplay photos from Story 2:

Stay tuned for more fiction from Binky Ink, as Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing is already into Pre-Sales since April 5th at a discount price and officially launches in May, 2019. It is available in both e-book and Print book Paperbound format.

If you’ve been enjoying this fanfic, perhaps you’ll also enjoy my fantasy fiction novel, Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing which is now available in bookstores.

Prompted by a cryptic message, five polcs secretly leave Teloria to embark on a journey to discover many truths. It is dangerous, in this time of war, and soon, our five heroes find themselves travelling to farther lands than they had anticipated, where they discover their Stardust Destinies.


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