This T-shirt is EXCLUSIVE! With EXCLUSIVE design and EXCLUSIVE lettering, this shirt ensures that everyone who sees you knows that you are an EXCLUSIVE being with EXCLUSIVE taste.

Exclusive T showcase

Version A comes in a variety of EXCLUSIVE colours. 

Men’s / Unisex T cut and shape

Exclusive T Men's A showcase

Women’s T cut and shape

Exclusive T Women's A showcase


Version B comes in a few EXCLUSIVE deep colours. 

Men’s / Unixes T cut and shape

Exclusive T Men's B showcase

Women’s T cut and shape

Exclusive T Women's B showcase

Binky’s Merch stores features a few Rosie-Approved and EXCLUSIVE merchandise. Be sure the check the store out and show your support by purchasing your very own Rosie-Approved or EXCLUSIVE merch.

Binky’s Merch Available on Teespring! http://teespring.com/stores/binkys-merch

Other ways to support Binky Productions and Binky Ink: http://binkyproductions.com/about/howtocontribute/


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Binky Productions is a film production company that produces films, skits and commercial videos. Celinka Serre is the founder and president of Binky Productions. Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor, among other things, she has been working on various titles since the age of 20. View all posts by binkyproductions

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