Intro Video Music Theme

Binky Productions presents the transformative composition created to accompany the Intro Video to the Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot Deck Analysis.

Intro to Dragon Age: Inquisition Tarot Deck Analysis

Welcome to the Introductions to my full and complete analysis of the Dragon Age: Inquisition Tarot Deck. In this video I explain briefly what I’ll be doing, look a bit at important details about Tarot and how that pertains to Dragon Age as a whole and what it means for its future, hence for Dragon Age 4.

How To Make Coridal (Any Fruit, Full Procedure)

Let’s hang out and make cordial. I share all my trade secrets and tricks to making tasty cordial with any fruit, from methods to choosing alcohol or sweetener, to preparing fruits and more. In this How To video, I explain the full procedure, so that you can also make your very own fruit cordial.

Mt Top 10 Dragon Age Companions

Binky goes in depth into ranking her Top 10 Dragon Age Companions, why they are there, what they did to merit being in the top 10 and how they made Binky feel. Are your favourite Dragon Age companions part of the same list?