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Shot Breakdowns – Call Sheets – Budget – Editing Tips and more!

Need tips or coaching to help in your Pre-Production and/or Production process? Based in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), Binky Productions offers Coaching and a full spectrum of Tips to any and all filmmakers/producers who wish to master their skills faster.

Whether you want to look more professional or simply be more prepared on set, we can help you through one or many of the steps that make films happen.

Here’s what we can help you with:

     Budget (writing out a detailed budget to help you stay on target)

     Shot Breakdown/Storyboard (writing out a detailed shot list in an organized fashion)

     Fight Scenes (writing out fight scenes in a professional way, easy to follow, for you and the actors involved)

     Calculating Shoot Days (good tricks to have when planning out a film shoot)

     Call Sheets (writing out organized and detailed call-sheets that will help any filmmaker stat on schedule)

     On Set Necessities (helping you plan out the essentials you may need before you start filming)

     Editing Tricks and Tips (for Final Cut Pro, especially good for new users of the program, otherwise you’re probably an FCP Pro)

Binky Productions can also provide some of these services for you, such as creating your Call Sheets for you and calculations for your shoot days, creating SFX Lists for your films/videos, etc.

For further information, a quote, and/or to schedule a session:

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