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When it comes to Sound Effects, creating a list can become quite tedious at times. It takes patience and attention to detail, details that are missing in the audio but obvious from the video. Binky Productions has experience creating SFX Lists since 2009 and has developed a method that not only helps save time on the long term, but also does half the sound design work. Believe me, you’re sound person will thank you for such an organised lists. If you wish to venture into creating your own SFX List à la Binky, you can learn all there is to know about creating an effective SFX List in our upcoming video coming later this month.

For anyone who might not have the time to tackle this task themselves, Binky Productions remains at your disposal. Our process, when creating an SFX list, is to watch the video/film and take note of all the SFX required, numbering them, colour coding the list for it to be easy on the eyes, detailing each sound effect (details like footsteps on wooden floor or carpeted stairs or even layered SFX in fight scenes and such), we include roomtones in our lists and our sound effects bear so much detail, half the sound design work is done for you. This saves you time in the studio which can in the long run save you money as well. We also take note of your input as well, such as if you let us know that at said scene we must include an ambulance siren or an unseen phone ringing. We write down detailed time codes for the start time and end time, or impact time, of each SFX. Our time codes include: hours, minutes, seconds and frames (like so: 00:01:03;27). We work in Excel so it’s easy to adjust for last minute changes.

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Based in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), Binky Productions also offers this service overseas, using Google Drive to send files.

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