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Welcome to Binky Ink, the section all about writing

Binky’s Blog – a sporadic blog that discusses topics related to indie filmmaking and video production, tutorials, anecdotes, and other such topics.

Darth Shadie Series – A series of Fan-Fiction novels, surrounding the life of my alter-ego Darth Shadie (Jedi Eidahs), taking place in the Old Republic Era of the Star Wars galaxy. (Coming soon.)

Healing Through Humour – a caricaturised outlook on situations one may live while dealing with PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Sapphire Prophecies– Originally having begun as a Web Series, now being written and developed as an RPG video game. Still in writing process. Will eventually be looking for a team of writers to join me as well as 3D animation game developers. If interested, you can contact me, info on SP page.

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