Darth Shadie Series

A series of Fan-Fiction novellas surrounding the life of my alter-ego Darth Shadie (Jedi Eidahs), taking place in the Old Republic Era of the Star Wars galaxy. A series of adult adventure-romances with new characters and new story lines, where wars rage on between Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, and other factions.

Here is the Archive of all the chapters of all the novellas I have written and keep writing. Some chapters will be accompanied by some cosplay photos of the various characters.

Stories appear in chronological order.

Masters of the Force (Story 3) Now here.

Darth Shadie: Lady of the Force (Story 1)

Jedi Shadie: Lady of Pure Light (Story 2)

Masters of the Force (Story 3)

(More coming soon.)


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