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The Iron Bull – On the Rocks (Dragon Age Drink)

Some more Dragon Age inspired cocktail creation, this time featuring The Iron Bull on the rocks, as was requested recently. This one’s a bit different than my usual sweet concoctions, and for those of you who prefer drink that pack a punch, I think you might enjoy this one.

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Veil Fire Essence (Dragon Age Drink)

It’s time for another Dragon Age inspired Drink. Today, I present to you: Veil Fire Essence. Let the sweet essence from the Fade fill you with warmth.

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Hot Cococo ( A Hot Cocoa Dairy-Free Alternative) (Alcohol Drink)

Watch how to make a Hot Cocoa Alternative that is Dairy-Free, made with Coconut Milk, and filled with the goodness of nutty alcohol. It’s the Hot Cococo and its cousin the Hot Cocoto. What’s the co, what’s the to? Watch and find out.

You can also view the page with the recipe written out here:

Wild Canadian – Happy Canada Day

Binky Productions has created a new drink, and it so happens to be a very Canadian drink! Watch to learn how you can make your very own ”Wild Canadian”.

Have a sip of Canada. Happy Canada Day!

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