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Chapter Three – Masters of the Force (Star Wars Fan-Fiction)

04 - Header Chapter Three - Story 3

‘I’m sorry, Master Eidhas, but my orders are clear. This threat is real, and no offense to you or your apprentice, but as Fane faltered and you used to be Sith, I cannot take that risk. If either you or he come near Coruscant, you will not be admitted.’
            ‘But you’re alienating the Jedi by trapping them on Coruscant!’
            ‘Their duty is to defend the Republic! Now, if you will excuse me, I have a defense plan to figure out.’
            Master Herl’unik’s holoimage winked out. Shadie felt rage swell up within her. She tried to calm herself, especially since she was in front of Fane, but neither Fane nor Knarf could quell the anger this situation brought her.
            ‘Arrgh! This is outrageous!’
            ‘Calm yourself, my love.’
            ‘Yes, listen to your lover, Master.’
            Shadie sighed. ‘You were right, Knarf; the Sith have infiltrated the Senate and influenced them. How else would Supreme Chancellor Emain get the insane idea to recall all the Jedi.’
            ‘Perhaps it’s the fact all you Jedi are barvy!’
            ‘Talyc,’ said Knarf, startled, ‘what brings you here?’
            ‘There’s a ship landing nearby. You might want to greet the Jedi aboard.’
            ‘And tell them what I’ve been telling the other Jedi who came the other day, that this is madness?’ said Shadie.
            ‘Nope!’ Talyc leaned on one leg, placing a fist on his hip.
            ‘Why are you grinning?’ asked Knarf.
            Talyc motioned for them to follow. He took the lead as they stepped outside. Right away they understood.
            ‘It’s the Krayt Dragon!’ exclaimed Fane.
            Shadie felt relief. She’d been so angered, and worried in the past days, she had not sensed her friends. She ran to the boarding ramp as her friends were descending it and lunged at them, arms open wide for a great hug.
            ‘Good to see you too, Shadie,’ said Brenum. Shadie laughed and finally let go of them. ‘Knarf took good care of you, then?’
            ‘I most certainly did!’ Knarf smiled at Shadie and winked as he usually did when joking around happily.
            ‘I’ve missed the two of you.’
            ‘We missed you too, Shadie.’ Both Trylia and Brenum replied.
            ‘We have news you’ll never believe,’ said Brenum, ‘we hung out with space pirates…’
            ‘Were held captive,’ corrected Trylia, ‘until they were convinced we were Jedi, and not Sith.’
            ‘Whoa, can’t wait to hear about that,’ said Fane.
            ‘Uh, we saw the holonews,’ said Trylia looking grave. ‘Who is the Sith captive?’
            ‘What tells you it’s us who have a Sith in captivity?’ said Shadie.
            ‘Who else would it be?’ said Brenum. ‘Darth Gourd is clearly creating a ruse to isolate Mandalore and you so he can attack you here. That, and uh, Mandalorian Blockade Traffic Control told us a Mando turned out to be a Sith.’ Shadie nodded in understanding.
            ‘Wait. How do you know Gourd’s coming here?’ asked Fane.
            ‘The pirates. How do you?’
            Brenum whistled. ‘Intense.’
            ‘Well, yes,’ said Shadie. ‘The Sith we captured was dressed in Mandalorian armour and tried to kill the Mandalore. He’s… He’s Chiss.’
            ‘What?’ exclaimed both Brenum and Trylia.
            ‘And young enough to be related to Gourd. We’ll be questioning him soon.’
            ‘Not without us,’ said Brenum.
            ‘And not before we’ve shared with you what we know,’ said Trylia.

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Brenum and Trylia onboard the Krayt Dragon (Cosplay & Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Brenum and Trylia are two of the various main characters from my Star Wars fan-fiction series which takes place in the Old Republic era. Brenum is human, a Jedi, and Trylia is Togruta. Both original characters. The Krayt Dragon is Brenum’s ship, named after the great desert beasts of planets such as Tatooine.

Brenum & Trylia in ship (w)

Brenum & Trylia on the Krayt Dragon (Shadie series – Binky Ink – Celinka Serre)

I used a screenshot from SWTOR as my background. I had created a Brenum character in SWTOR, named after the story Brenum and looking like him too, so I used a screenshot of that in-game character. I also used an in-game Torguta character for Trylia, except, I had to use the colour replacement tool to change the colour of her skin, eyes, lekky, face whites, and lekku whites. It was great practice, as it was the first time I used that tool. Placing Brenum and Trylia onboard the ship was the easiest part.

I’m open to feedback.

This image was created for my Star Wars Fan-fiction story, Masters of the Force, story 3 in the Darth Shadie / Jedi Eidahs series.

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