Celinka Serre is an artist of various styles. Here you can read up on her Acting, from professionally made independent films and web series to random parody skits.



“The whispers I hear speak of prophecies.”

Everaine is a young Seer who has been sheltered most of her life and is slowly discovering certain truths that have been kept from her. Now that times are becoming more dangerous, she can no longer be protected from the knowledge that the Sapphire Prophecies hold. Sapphire Prophecies is still in its early stages of development, however, the web series’s latest Promotional Video (2014) features Everaine and discloses certain secrets and magic about the story, about Everaine herself, and about the prophecies.

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Bioware Binky


“Acting strange how?”

A mishmash of signature moves, imitating various characters and expressions from various Bioware games, mainly from the famed Mass Effect games, in Fan-made parody videos.

Bioware Binky appears in a few parody videos to date, such as “Binky in Bioware Mode“, an interpretation of the Model of a Scientist Salarian song and “Calibrations” (upcoming). Binky Productions produces a Mass Effect Parody each year in time for the official celebration of the Mass Effect Games: N7 Day (November 7th).

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Gino Binky-ani

COMPILING.TV (2012-2014)

“Forget about lettuce…”

This character was created at a very random moment, when at the spur of the moment I spoke the phrase said in this skit. At the time he had no name. Only when put in full costume did Gino Binky-ani truly emerge. Binky-ani made a first appearance in the “Lookin’ For Beef” comedy skit, and later became a recurring character in the web series about programmers, being a client for the programmers; appearing in one episode the first season and in three episodes the second season. If the series creates a third season, Gino Binky-ani will certainly appear in several episodes.

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Binky-o Caine


”You think the killer’s trying to tell us something?”

So this is pretty much Binky Prod’s interpretation of a female version of Horatio Caine (from CSI: Miami), with a little hint of Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) thrown into it from time to time.  Needless to say, it was quite enjoyable to play this part, sunglasses and all, as Celinka Serre analysed her own, Longueuil based, crime scene, in the “CSI: Longueuil” parody skit. Perhaps in the future there may be more so-called crime scenes to investigate.



Lemon Binky


”…and then you cut the lemon about a half a centi-meter thick…”

So on screen right, you have me, Celinka Serre, explaining how to cut and eat a lemon, and on screen left, you have me, cutting and eating the lemon. Simple enough mission, until you get to your 7th half slice of lemon in under an hour. It seems the sour ones had been in store that day. You can enjoy Lemon Binky in the “Eating A Lemon” parody skit.




BROKEN (2012)

”…we’d like to ask you some questions…”

The rather persistent reporter is a cameo role in the feature film “Broken“. It was nonetheless a most enjoyable one.





”Genre, on est partie d’lasfili-alssili-assion la civilation…”

So basically I was playing myself, with a bit more craziness and a bit more randomness, with a hint of stoneness, even though I don’t smoke and my character/self was not smoking either. Eventually, we all turn into vampires as the evening unfolds, in this comedic-horror flic.



Second Witch


”Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

The Second Witch, the Witch of the Present, telling Macbeth what is and taunting him with her sisters. In this gothic version of Shakespeare’s tale, the witches take on a more proactive role, traveling through medieval and modern times to play their game. Evil, insane, deceptive, the witches mirror back Macbeth’s own downfall.




TELMAH (2004)

”Do you doubt that?” (to Leartes)

As in Shakespeare’s version of Hamlet, Ophelia is Hamlet’s girlfriend. Confused by Hamlet’s rejections, devastated by her father’s death and unable to seek her brother’s council due to his absense, Ophelia’s emotions turn inward as she loses her mind.


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