This page is dedicated to recipes I (Celinka Serre) have invented or altered majorly, that involve alcohol. Select drink videos can be found on my channel.

In case you’re wondering why the random urge to create drinks, I took a Bartending class once upon a time at the Absolute Bartending Institute in Montreal. Cocktail creations seems to come naturally and randomly.

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– 3/4 oz Dry Gin

– 1/4 oz Limoncello

– Gingerale

– 1/2 oz Blue Curaçao

This one is my personal signature cocktail. It is simple, in terms of ingredients, yet is not bland in method, it has good taste, it’s cute, and most importantly, it’s green!

In a gimlet glass, or roundish, cognac type glass, you can drop in a few ice cubes, even if technically, those glasses do not take ice cubes, we’ll make an exception, because I like the look of the cocktail in that type of glass. Pour in the Gin and the Limoncello. Then Fill with the Gingerale, leaving a margin at the top. Then pour in the Blue Curaçao. And watch the colours blend. You may serve it with a straw. When you stir the drink a bit, it becomes even greener.


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