Dragon Age Inspired Drinks

All of the following drinks are inspired by the esteemed video game franchise Dragon Age, since I am obsessed with it. Of course, you can catch videos for these drinks as well, all on my channel.


Sex at the Blooming Rose

Darkspawn Blood

Lyrium Essence & Red Lyrium Essence

The Tranquil


Sex at the Blooming Rose2

– 1/2 oz Vodka

– Fill with Berry Juice

– 1 oz Almond Baileys

In a short glass, put 2 or 3 ice cubes, then add the ingredients. Be sure to leave a margin at the top for the Baileys, when you’re pouring the juice in. It is normal that after a while the Baileys will settle more to the bottom of the glass. Best drink this when it’s freshly made than wait too long. It is a Float, but stirring it gives an interesting colour, however it alters the taste quite significantly.


darkspawn blood (isolated drink)

– 1/2 oz Sour Puss

-1/2 oz Ramazzotti Black (Black Sambuca)

-1/4 oz Apricot Brandy

Take part in the Joining. Become a Grey Warden and Fight the Blight! Drink Darkspawn Blood.

Pour all ingredients in a shooter glass and enjoy!



lyrium essence for website

Lyrium Essence: 

-1/2 oz Blue Curaçao

-1/2 oz Apricot Brandy

Red Lyrium Essence:

-1/2 oz Apricot Brandy

-1/2 oz Sour Puss

-1/4 oz Grenadine

It would be easy to guess why people tend to be addicted to Lyrium, because it’s nice and sweet. Red Lyrium is naturally a bit more sour,  but in our world, is equally as tasty.

Quite simple really, Lyrium Essence is half and half, whatever the size of shooter glass you have. It is a shooter, but it is not to be drunk in one shot. It is to be sipped. Red Lyrium as well, to be served in a shooter glass, big or small, and sipped. Each ingredient can be put in the shooter glass in the order in which they are mentioned above. Giving a quick stir will ensure it tastes it best.


The Tranquil 01

-3/4 oz Dry Gin

-1/2 oz Soho

-White Grapefruit Juice

-Dash of Limoncello

-1/4 oz Disaronno Amaretto

This drink will render all who drink it pleasantly tranquil. It’s like drinking the Chant of Light; it’s the Golden City in a glass.

In a short glass, with a couple of ice cubes, pour in the Gin and Soho. Then Fill with the Grapefruit Juice, but leave a little margin at the top. Drop in a dash of Limoncello. Then, using the back of a spoon, pour in the Disaronno. This drink is a float-stir, meaning it tastes a bit differently as a float than as a stir, but both are as pleasant to the taste buds. And in reality, it starts as a float, but as you drink it, it becomes stirred, since you do not drink this with a straw top to bottom to catch the flavours in a typical float manner. Purely stirred it offers a very unique blended taste.


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