Stirred Drinks

Here you will find all drinks that require stirring. All of which have been created by Celinka Serre. Recipes are in order of most recent.


The Wild Canadian (a Maple Syrup drink)



– 1 1/4 oz Sortilège (Canadian Whiskey Maple Syrup Liquor)

– Fill with Canada Dry Soda Water

– 1/2 oz (more or less) Real Canadian Maple Syrup

Originally, the Wild Canadian had no name and was created during the Springtime, basically, during Maple Syrup time. Since it was very much a Maple Syrup drink, it was then named The Wild Canadian and thus I decided it would be released on Canada Day.

In a short glass, place some ice. Pour in the Maple Syrup Whiskey Liquor. Then fill the glass with the Soda Water. Last goes in the Maple Syrup. And then be sure to stir. “And then you drink it like a real Canadian.”



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