Dragon Age Theories & Predictions

Taking gameplay lore and history, I talk about theories and predictions for upcoming Dragon Age games. Feel free to Subscribe on YouTube.

Theories and Canticles

In this series of videos, I decipher and dissect the Chant of Light and delve into it in a way to extract theories, to either prove mine right or wrong. Begin the journey here with Part 1, continue on our YouTube Channel.

In Dragon Age 4 Theories and Canticles Part 1: Andraste, I extract theories, mine and yours, from the Canticle of Andraste.

Tease and Trailer Analyses

Further reinforcing my previous theories and prediction, in Dragon Age 4 Tease Analysis 1 I analyse the red storybook tease with the drawing of the castle tower and the wolf face.

Dragon Age 4 Theories and Predictions

This series of videos takes you to the land in my head where I have come up with theories, extracted from the histories of Thedas and I make predictions about the future game based on that. You can start your journey here and join in on the conversation and exploration on our YouTube Channel.

This Playlist includes the Chant of Light as well, as they are all entwined together. However, the Chant does have its own Playlist. From speculation about the Maker to predictions for the future of the franchise, you can all catch it in the Dragon Age Theories & Predictions Full Playlist.

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