Mass Effect Parodies

Here you will find videos related to Mass Effect and parodies done specially for N7 Day. Feel free to Subscribe to us on YouTube.


As is tradition, I created a parody full of silliness. Optimism: I hope you will enjoy it.

It’s Happening!

I decided to give a twist to the 2015 Mass Effect parody for N7 Day, adding in a little hint of one of my favourite shows, CSI. It’s an N7 crime scene.


The Mass Effect parody made for 2014’s N7 Day. I’d have more to say about it but it’ll have you wait. You see, I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

Model of a Scientist Salarian

Everyone who’s played the Mass Effect Shepard Trilogy knows that our favourite Salarian, Mordin Solus, sang a demonstration of the musical he was once in. And those who enjoy musicals on a larger scale know that the “Model of a Scientist Salarian” song is Mass Effect’s own parody based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Model of a Modern Major General” song from “The Pirate of Panzance” musical. After finding Fan-Made lyrics from another blogsite, I decided to use those lyrics, use a version of the Modern Major General song that I liked, changed a few things to make it my own, and sang it with my husband Frank, singing the background sounds.

This parody was made for the second N7 Day, in 2013 and as of yet has been very well received. I should parody sing more often (though I am not a singer).

Binky in Bioware Mode

(Or what happens when you play too many Bioware games)

If you enjoy playing Bioware games, you’ll get a kick out of this video. Anyone who plays their RPGs will recognize the looks, the motions, the shots, the attitudes, the songs… Think you can identify everything in there? Ok, this is largely based on Bioware’s famed Mass Effect games, but let’s not forget how DA2 used the same in-game template and Hawke drinks the same way Shepard does.

Let it be known that this is purely a fan-made parody video. It was not filmed in a professional context. We didn’t even have lighting equipment. We just had fun. And we hope you will have fun watching it.

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