Skits etc.

Here you can view, and read up on, everything that is random/comedic skit and parody video produced by Binky Productions.

Yamachiche… Avec des pois chiches! (With Chickpeas!)

This is  a live random moment that happened when fatigue caught up with Binky.


Lookin’ for BEEF!

This is a very random skit, created by a very random phrase, said at a very random moment. And thus a new character was born: Gino Binky-ani.


CSI: Longueuil

Here is Binky’s very own intro for a CSI type episode, spoofing CSI: Miami. Let it be known, that Binky is a huge fan of the show, which is why we could not resist creating our own, Longueuil based, crime scene.


Eating A Lemon

When God gives you lemons…simply learn to eat them. Whet your appetite with this random skit.


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