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Healing Music with Tibetan Singing Bowl – The Elements album

The Elements – Healing Music with Tibetan Singing Bowl includes unique tracks composed and put together by Celinka Serre. Allow yourself to relax and meditate with the relaxing sounds of the elements and the healing vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowl.

The Elements album includes eight tracks, all of approximately 30 minutes in duration: Calming Fire, Gentle Water, Healing Wind, and Soothing Forest. Each elemental piece has two versions, with and without the Tibetan Singing Bowl, for a variety of moods and ambiance.

The Elements Healing Music album cover

Welcome to Green Healing, where I talk about Abuse, PTSD, and Healing; Healing through Knowledge, and through alternate and natural methods. I share the knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years, as well as my personal experience living through and healing from abuse and C-PTSD/PTSD.

Podcasts are available in both video and audio formats.  Videos are available on YouTube.  If you like, you can go ahead and Subscribe to that channel.  Audio versions are available on iTunes and Whooshkaa.  You can also have a look at the Healing Through Humour capsules, which will be talked about in more detail in some of the podcast episodes.

Listen to and download the Audio versions of the episodes directly on Whooshkaa.

Listen to, download and Subscribe to the Audio versions from iTunes.

Watch and Subscribe to the Video versions of the episodes to the YouTube channel, which includes a few Healing Through Humour extras.

Green Healing’s mission is to share knowledge about abuse, and alternative and natural methods of healing the mind and body. Knowledge plays a large part in understanding and thus healing. Through my own personal experience, I have been able to tap into the most inner workings of my mind and body through knowledge, natural and alternative forms of therapy and medicine. Thus I have healed Depression, most of my CPTSD, and am working on overcoming other ailments as well. I hope that by sharing I can help you find your path to emotional freedom as well.

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