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The Keys to Meditation – My Mindful Life Contest Entry on Steemit

White and black keys lay before me,
but the image fades.
My fingers move across the notes,
but my brain does not think.
My ears hear music and rhythm,
and that is all there is.
It is here, it is now.
It is.


When I was six years old, I wanted to learn to play the piano, so my mother paid for lessons. While I learnt a lot of the techniques, which I don’t practice enough today, I noticed something when I played that has stayed all the way to today.

I am more relaxed,
I am less anxious,
I let go,
I gain focus,
I gain clarity,
I recharge,
I clear my mind,
I meditate.

Music has always been a way for me to get into a meditative state, mindfulness meditation, as they say. I was a bit more rigid when I was younger, less able to improvise on the piano. Taking drumming lessons helped loosen that up a bit, as we played beats and became those beats and rhythms. We listened to each other and played off each other.

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Freelance Writing – Updated Services

I have recently updated the services available by Binky Productions and Binky Ink. Newly added to the list of services is *Freelance Writing*.

Below is the description of the service as seen on the web page.

Expressing Opinion and Expertise

Expressly for Your Site

Binky Ink (in other words Celinka Serre) offers the service of Freelance Writing. I will write with integrity and in the tone your site or magazine requires. Be you an online magazine, newspaper, freelance website, writer’s blog site, website, or anything that would require a guest writer or freelance writer, I am here for you.


In the past, I have written for sites like Collectively Beautiful with Cindy Charles (DIY beauty), for PopOptiq (gaming and film), and for Everyday ADDvice (ADD and ADHD). I have recently joined The Muse Project on Steemit as a regular guest writer to write about relationships, women, healing and CPTSD.

Otherwise, I write regularly on Steemit, for all sorts of topics, such as: food, relationships, health, healing, gaming, abuse, etc.

If you would like me to write for you, simply reach out at: info@binkyproductions.com and let me know what topics you would like me to write for you, so we can discuss further details together. Thank you!

A Dragon Comes To Life – First Hint About Novel – And Second Update!

I’m really excited that the dragon from my book cover is taking life and looks so majestic. The dragon is gorgeous. My cover artist sent me some photos of her painting. First an very half finished painting with my characters and part of the dragon. After some adjustments, she sent another. Just a couple small adjustments and it’ll be complete.


Do you know what that means? It means that soon, very soon, I’ll be sharing that cover art painting with you (sorry, not today, just ABOUT it). I’ll also be sharing the sysnopsis with a whole title reveal.

But I can share with you this. The Series initials are…

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You can also read an update about how Things Piled Up On The Stack Before Getting Fonts Out of the Way!

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You can now catch even more from Binky Productions and Binky Ink on Steemit.  On top of sharing the content already shared here, Binky will be posting content created specifically for Steemit, so if you want to read everything I post, then head over to Steemit.com.

Steemit is a Crypto run site that is part of the Blockchain, where anyone can earn Steem from posting, commenting, and Upvoting other posts or comments.  The community is growing and it’s a great way to make a little extra income.  It’s a fun place to interact and meet other writers, bloggers, YouTubers, and people from all walks of life who enjoy the freedom of sharing their content and earning for it.

It would be fun to see more WordPress bloggers there. If any of you DO join the site, be sure to Follow me and let me know your Steemit handle so I can follow you back.

Have a great day everyone, keep on writing, posting, everything else you do! 🙂