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Canticle of Transfigurations Part 1 (Dragon Age 4 Theories – Chant of Light Analysis)

Diving back once again into the analysis, and theories as a result of those analyses, of the Dragon Age Chant of Light, with the Canticle of Transfigurations. We study the hymns about the Maker from Andraste’s teachings.

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Some 2017 Bloopers (Erudiation Edition)

From various videos, but most notably Chant of Light Analyses and Storytime videos, here are some 2017 Bloopers.

Short Canticles & Verses

In Short Canticles and Verses, Binky analyses more of the Dragon Age Chant of Light, with an in depth look at what it means for the future of the game, Dragon Age 4 and how it changes the history we know and the history that is taught in Thedas. Binky explores the Canticles of Benedictions, Erudition, Maferath, Victoria, Chanters verses, and few others.


The Tranquil (Dragon Age Cocktail)

Here is a video explaining how to make The Tranquil, an alcoholic cocktail inspired Dragon Age! The Tranquil will temporarily reverse the act of Tranquility, before rendering all who drink it pleasantly tranquil!