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How To Make Your Own SFX List

New Blog, folks, all about creating your own DIY, professional looking Sound Effects List and jump step the sound design so it costs you less in the audio studio. You can also watch the accompanying video that shows a bit more the how, which is embedded within the blog page.

There are several reasons why you would do your own Sound Effects List, a.k.a SFX List: The first being money. You want to save money to pay your Sound Guy (or Gal). Another reason is the fact that through the SFX list, you get to do part of your Sound Design yourself. Not only does that ensure you get what you want, but also saves on time throughout, because there is less back and forth with the sound studio.

This guide is for those who wish to try their hand at, or to improve at, an SFX list.

As an aside, for those of you who are approaching Audio Post-Production for the first time, the role of the Sound Gal or Guy is to clean the audio, remove any noise, even out volume, make sure all audio has the same quality (you don’t want one scene to sound muffled and the next one “tinny”, in fact you want neither muffled nor “tinny”), to add background ambient sound and room tones, to add Sound Effects. If you have your list ready made, then the Sound Guy or Gal doesn’t need to do it and it saves time in the studio, as mentioned above.

All right, so how can you look like a pro?

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