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Is Whom We Left In The Fade Still Alive? (Dragon Age 4 Predictions – Dragon Age Divination)

More Dragon Age 4 Predictions with another Tarot Reading mixed with some Dragon Age 4 theories, thus taking theory and Dragon Age Divination, to determine whether whom we left in the Fade (Alistair, Hawke, Loghain, Stroud) is still alive or not.

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Tevinter’s Role in Dragon Age 4 (Dragon Age 4 Predictions – Dragon Age Civination)

What will Tevinter’s role be in Dragon Age 4? I get into another Tarot Reading for Dragon Age 4 Predictions (Dragon Age Divination) to determine what we can expect from the Vints, how history has shaped what the future holds, as well as what might happen in Tevinter when we are there.

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The Future of Solavellan (Dragon Age 4 Predictions – Dragon Age Divination)

Diving into another Tarot Reading for Dragon Age 4 Predictions, I predict the future of Solavellan, with a lot surrounding Solas and many details regarding possible choices and storylines between Lavellan and our dear Dread Wolf Fen’Harel. (Dragon Age Divination)

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Tarot Spreads Explained (Divination meets Dragon Age 4)

Here are five Tarot Spreads that I use a lot and are really good for Tarot Readings. There are more than just these five, but I mention these in my video announcing a future Tarot Reading for Dragon Age 4. This however can be applied for ANYTHING. Therefore I shall share the details of these spreads here with you all.

The deck you use affects a Tarot Reading. The Rider-Waite deck is excellent for beginners and is often used by more experienced Readers as well. The Thothe deck has a switch for cards 8 and 11, thus changing the astrological order. It is a very powerful deck, but also differently balanced. It is important to keep that in mind. The Rider-Waite has a more original astrological balance. The Green Witch Tarot deck that I own, is more nature based and has a connection to the divine feminine. It is one to which I feel very connected. Everyone has “their” deck. The Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot deck is based on the Rider-Waite order of cards (same for the Green Witch deck), and since it is from that game, it has a direct connection to the game itself. Whichever deck you use will influence the reading, your state of mind also influences a reading, so it is important to clear our mind and to know where the balance shifts a bit more with the deck you are using in order to get the full benefits of a more accurate reading. It truly is about the self, so my goal to create a reading to attempt to predict things regarding Dragon Age 4 is more for fun, as it it is more difficult to predict and understand the future of the game than it is to understanding the present and future and past of one’s own life.

Read in full the details regarding the 5 spreads, how to read them and what each reveals.

Here is the video that grazes the subject but the blog page dives deeper into each Spread.