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The Sticks of Ferelden and the Stickening (Dragon Age Origins Stick Figures)

These valiant Sticks have fought in the 5th Blight and restored some peace in a few corners of Thedas. Following the course, going back in time, from Stick-Quisition to the Chanpions of Stickwall, we arrive finally to the Sticks of Ferelden, and their companions from the Stickening.

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Top 10 Dragon Age Characters

My Top 10 Dragon Age Characters, with my detailed ratings and how I rate them. From Cullen to Sandal, from the Architect to Abelas, find out who’s in my Top 10. Top 5 have a lot of elves, I can tell you that :p

Dragon Age Characters on Tinder Parody

Binky Productions explores a Fan-Fiction Parody scenario of What If several of the Dragon Age Characters from the Bioware franchise had profiles on Tinder, what would their Bios be like, who could they potentially pick up. Mix and match your favourite DA characters and let us know which profiles you found most accurate.