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Super Moon Viewed From The Plane!

Yesterday, while the plane back from Acapulco, Mexico, was coming into Quebec, we got to see the Super Moon while still above (more or less) the clouds. I’ve never had this opportunity before, since I don’t fly often and will not fly again for a while.


This first one (above), I kept the brighter setting on to catch the luminosity of the moon as we could see it. I love the effect it gave. This is raw, no adjustments or filters, nothing done in Photoshop. This effect is completely natural, taken with my Canon Powershot SX730 HS. I love how there is a nice ring around the moon, a beautiful aura that elongates on one side. And I’m glad that the camera focused primarily its attention on the moon and not the window. I’m sure taken from outside a plane would give better results, but that would require supernatural abilities hehehe

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Character Log 6

Binky Productions presents the sixth Character Log for the Fantasy Web Series in-development “Sapphire Prophecies”. This Character Log is by the Old Druid.

I’ve received word from the Elf Captain concerning recent visions from several Seers, one of which was captured and killed by Lord Beryl. The Elf Captain has drawn up a timeline of events, starting with the day the prophecies were told. If he is correct, the siblings from the Sapphire Prophecies have already been born.

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