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The Orlesian Noblewoman

More photos have been added to the albums of the Pictures Galore page on the website. The Orlesian Noblewoman Dragon Age cosplay page is now up. These photos were a lot of fun and the perfect occasion to wear my wedding dress again.

Here is a preview of some of these photos.

Come view all the Orlesian Noblewoman photos.

Oil of Orlais Face Cream (Dragon Age Parody)

Want radiant looking skin? A soft touch? Oil of Orlais Face Cream is the product you need.
Imagine the world of Dragon Age with a few tweaks and some products that the citizens of Thedas can’t go without. This is what these product ads would look like.
This Dragon Age Parody is also a parody of Face Cream ads.
Oil of Orlais: Real Orlesian Feel.

Featuring: Celinka Serre as the Orlesian Noble.
Voice-Over: Celinka Serre as an Orlesian.
Music: The Orlesian Empire (Trevor Morris – Dragon Age: Inquisition)

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Empress of Fire Piano (Dragon Age Inquisition Bard Song OST)

I perform “Empress of Fire”, the Bard Song from Dragon Age Inquisition, on the piano. It is an interpretation played by ear and adjusted to fit for piano. I guess we can call it a piano cover of “Empress of Fire”.

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