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Author Photos

The Pictures Galore pages has been updated with a new album, and the Author Photos page is now up. These are pictures taken specifically to be used in my novel and for occasions and articles that feature me as a writer and author of the fantasy genre.

Here is a preview of what to find on the page, these are but a handful of the 20+ photos you will find on the page.

Come visit the Author Photos page.


Elves & Vallaslin Cosplay

More photo albums have been added to the Pictures Galore page. The Elves and Vallaslin cosplay page is now up, featuring a few Vallaslin Elven face tattoos from Dragon Age, including Falon’din, June, and Ghilan’nain.

Here is a preview of what you can find on the page.

Come view all the photos.

Human & Qunari Cosplay

A new album has been added to the Pictures Galore page, featuring Dragon Age Cosplay photos of Human and Qunari face paint and face tattoos. Cosplay includes, Hawke, Cassandra, a Spider Vitaar and the constellation Silentir.

Here is but a preview.


Come check out all the images.