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Ranking ALL Press Conferences (E3 2018)

I rank ALL the Press Conferences from E3 2018, with my ranking system, with highlight mentions on WHY I place them in said position. This includes (in order in which they were presented): EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, PC Gaming Show, Sony, and Nintendo.

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Sony Playstation Press Conference Review (E3 2018)

Here is my Sony Playstation Press Conference Review from E3 2018, that was live on June 11th 2018. My thoughts on the games they showed, the content they mentioned or teased, regardless whether I play those games or not, based on what they showed, I give my honest opinion. Let me know your thoughts regarding the Sony’s E3 2018 Press Conference.

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Where To Watch E3 2018

In this video, I tell you three places where you can Watch E3 2018 Live for all the video game publishers’ and developers’ press conferences, this coming June. I also go over the full schedule of press conferences for each of the devs: EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Nintendo.

Links to Watch E3 2018 Live:

Happy N7 Day 2014

Yet another N7 Day has arrived, since Bioware announced the official Mass Effect celebration day in 2012, and Binky Productions is continuing the tradition of creating a parody based on Mass Effect for the special day. We hope you’ve been calibrating, as Binky has, only because Garrus Vakarian would approve! Thus, we present you our latest parody: Calibrations!

Binky thanks her guild mates from SWTOR for their vocal participation in this parody.