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The Wedding RPG

It’s been a few years, and I’m not sure why I never got around to posting it, but at long last, for those of you who have been patiently awaiting it, here is The Wedding RPG I wrote for my very own wedding.

 Having been called to an urgent meeting by the Jedi Council, Binky and Frank decide to move their wedding reception to the Jedi Temple*.
     However, they’ve missed their transport and must travel by foot to go join their guests and the Council.
     Before they depart, they open a footlocker*. The footlocker contains three items, but they must only take one.
     Which item do they take?
          1) A lightsaber*.
          2) A cute little plush*.
          3) A pool noodle*.

Read the full RPG here!


N7 Day 2015


It’s November 7th again and while November is cause for melancholy for some, here at Binky Productions, we have N7 Day to look forward to.

This year’s parody of the acclaimed video game has a hint of crime scene investigation added to the mix. That’s right: It’s Mass Effect meets CSI.

Happy N7 Day!

RPGs Are Like Writing A Script…

New Binky’s Blog, where Binky explores the idea that writing and playing RPG video games are very similar, in fact, almost the same. Read on to see how the two relate.

Or should I specify that it’s ALSO the other way around. Writing a script is like playing an RPG video game. Be it web series, feature film, short, or even writing a novel, they each have scenes, they each have installments, and there is a multitude of possibilities. I am willing to bet that no one who writes scripts and stories has never ever NOT written at least 2 versions of a scene or ending. I often write or at least think about the various possibilities for my characters, for my story, for my endings. Sometimes I write several versions. In my latest fantasy web series (still in creation and funding mode) I enjoy using the Seers as a means to include the various possibilities within the story itself. And many stories have characters who see the possible futures and the story plays around that, so we get to see what could happen, we get to feel what we want to happen and we get to see what the author decided will happen, which can or can not coincide with what we hoped to see happen. Good stories are complex and include what we think will happen and what we didn’t see coming. Some of these good stories are video games.

Read the full Blog.

Binky in Bioware Mode Parody Video

Binky productions presents: Binky in Bioware Mode. A parody video made by our Celinka Serre, purely as a fan of Bioware. If you enjoy playing Bioware games, you’ll get a kick out of watching this.


Note that this video was not filmed in a professional context and is purely a fan-made parody video.