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Chapter Three – Jedi Shadie Story 2

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The Krayt Dragon remained berthed in the Jedi Temple hangar. The Council had rewarded ”Cornelius” generously. However, after many days, he still hung about. His stride was of upbeat fashion, having gotten used to his new leg, and when he was not Cornelius and could simply be himself; he hummed or sang or whistled, which Shadie absolutely adored, or so she had said.  Though her mood seemed to darken with worry with each passing day. Knarf could only guess that it had to do with Kromus. Perhaps his power was growing, or simply she was scared to face him again. It troubled Knarf how easily Shadie had fallen, no, almost fallen, to the dark side. It made him doubt his choice and wonder if she would be better off on her own for now.  Sometimes he wondered if he truly wanted to be there when the Sith attacked, to fall prey to another trap, perhaps be killed for real this time.
Knarf cursed himself for having such thoughts.  Shadie was his Lady, his Lady of Light. She brought him happiness, and the energies they shared, never had he known that before, and he doubted he would ever know it again, if ever he left her.
Knarf sighed as he sat in Shadie’s quarters, in the living area, awaiting her return from a meeting. It used to be so simple, or so it had seemed. He’d had his life planned out: work, slice, program, have fun, perhaps have a few women on the side, no attachments, no commitments, no obligations, just pure freedom. Yet he could not deny the emotions he felt towards Shadie, and he feared for both their lives. She had come into his life unexpectedly; he needed to find his balance, choose between his old path and a new one with Shadie. He did not want to lose Shadie, he knew that much, he did not want to leave her side. So what was he supposed to do now?  Flee? And protect himself, revert back to complete freedom, and deny himself the one person for whom he cared most, who he knew cared for him even more than she led on, the person who brought him so much happiness? Or remain with Shadie and risk everything, including life? Then again, he’d done it before, he could do it again.
There was a sound coming from the far corner of the room and the ventilation access hatch near the floor was pushed open from within the shaft. A figure emerged, and when Knarf finally recognised him, he drew a breath.
‘Talyc!’ Knarf was shocked.
‘Good to see you too,’ replied the Mando in purple and brown armour.
‘What?’ Knarf shook his head in confusion. He could’ve sworn he’d guessed Talyc’s mood.
‘You must leave here and come with me,’ said Talyc.
Typical Mandalorian, straight to the point, no introductions.
‘And why would I do that?’ Knarf scowled.
‘Because you’re a dead man if you don’t.’
Knarf leaned forwards confrontationally.  ‘Is that a threat?’
Knarf crossed him arms.  He’d always trusted Talyc and had considered him a friend.  Talyc had been the one to let him in on the Holonet news when Shadie had been in trouble. He could not understand why Talyc would suddenly turn on him.
‘Knarf, you barve!  You’ve got a bounty on your head.’
‘A bounty, me?  Placed by whom?’
‘How would you know?’ he asked suspiciously.
‘Because I’m the one who took it.’
Knarf backed away and pulled out his blaster; it wasn’t much against a Mandalorian, but it was better than nothing. Mandalorians always fulfilled their bounties. Knarf began to shake.  He had rather he died in Shadie’s arms after Lahnius had drained him of life and cut off his leg than alone and betrayed by a friend.
Yet, Talyc just looked at him.  He shook his head. ‘I’m not here to kill you.’
‘But you just said…’
‘I took it to protect you.’  There seemed to be desperation or urgency to his voice, Knarf could not decide, perhaps it was both.
‘Oh.’ Knarf holstered his blaster.
‘I had a bounty on Nar Shaddaa, and when I overheard someone placing a bounty on you, I killed the Devaronian taking it, pretended he had been my bounty…’
‘Clever, so you never really lied.’
‘No, and I could tell. He did that Force mind trick hand thing. It was Kromus, all right.  He wants you dead.’ He paused. ‘I’m putting my life at risk for you here, Knarf.’
‘I still don’t see why I need to come with you.’
Talyc pulled a large bag out of the shaft and placed it on the floor.
‘Mando’ade armour, finest beskar, stealth field generator included, jet pack included, a slot for your ysalamir.  I bring Kromus your Cornelius outfit as proof, and you become a member of my clan, Bes’laar. Kelbourn has already agreed.’
‘Wow, you really thought of everything,’ said Knarf.  He creased his brow. ‘Bes’laar. Not sure I like it.’
‘You’ve got no choice, it fits you. It means music in Mando’a. You, who’s always singing.’
Knarf’s heart sank.  Talyc had not thought of everything.
‘What about Shadie?’ asked Knarf.
‘Yes, what about me?’

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Chapter Two – Jedi Shadie Story 2

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As it turned out, Shadie, Brenum, and Trylia didn’t wait too long.  A few standard days following the Council meeting about Kromus’s resurgence, the Masters had announced to the three Jedi that their contact on Nar Shaddaa had met with a witness, who apparently had a holorecording of Kromus purchasing ship parts.
‘He’s amassing an army,’ said Shadie, as she, Brenum, and Trylia sat in the Krayt Dragon’s cockpit.
‘You think?’ said Brenum.
‘I know so. I know him, he used to be my Master, remember?  I know how he thinks. He needs his followers, and he knows he cannot return to the Crypt, so he needs a ship, and not just an old or battered frigate. He needs a destroyer or dreadnaught, something big enough to hold and transport all his Sith.’
‘Do you believe he’s as strong as he was before he died?  The first time.’ Trylia frowned. ‘Sorry.’
‘It’s all right,’ Shadie assured her. The subject of Kromus’s death was still a raw and touchy matter, but Shadie had to face her darker side. Then again, she’d been granted a second chance, as Brenum had told her several times already, the opportunity to kill Kromus the right way, with the full power of the light side.  ‘No, I think he needs to regain his strength. Otherwise why sneak about or not come kill me as soon as he’d returned. He’s hiding in the Force, but he must be weak in his new body. The Force needs to refill in him.’
‘Speaking of sneaking,’ said Trylia, ‘I noticed Master Juun’s young apprentice, Fane, lurking about yesterday.  I asked him if I could help him and he ran off on me. I’m telling you, we have faced Kromus and Lahnius, and because he returned, it’s haunting everyone here.  Since we are the ones to go after him again, I don’t know, the younglings especially are afraid for us and of us. I just didn’t think the young Jedi padawans and knights would be as well.  We’re not Kromus himself. We’re just going after him.’
‘Gareth was Fane’s friend.  Remember? We are a constant reminder of the return of threat and danger of the dark side,’ said Shadie.
‘Well he doesn’t have to run off on me,’ said Trylia offended.  ‘I like the young man.’
‘Well, talk about sneaking about,’ said Brenum, in a tone that meant he was slightly changing the subject, ‘what’s with the witness our contact met? Why couldn’t he just send us the recording via Holonet?’
‘He wants something in return,’ said Trylia.  ‘Remember? And it’s more secure.’
‘Yeah, but he didn’t say what,’ insisted Brenum.
‘Well, if it were credits he was after, he’d have given a price,’ said Trylia.  ‘No, something’s awfully odd with this witness and I can’t put my lekku on it. He specifically asked to meet with Jedi and that he would tell them his price.’
‘I know his kind.  Very shady,’ said Brenum.  Shadie looked up. ‘Uh, no pun intended.’ Shadie laughed. ‘All I’m saying,’ Brenum continued, after a short pause, ‘is he better not start asking for that holocron in return, ’cause it’s going to get destroyed when Kromus does… for the second time.’
There was a pause.
‘Are you nervous?’ Trylia asked Shadie.
‘Well, no. Well, yes. I mean we’re meeting him at the place we met Vorum and got captured by Lahnius.  I mean, why do all the shady folk on Nar Shaddaa choose that canteen to meet with people.’
‘No, I meant about having to kill Kromus a second time.’
‘Oh, well, at least I can do it the right way this time, for the right reason.  But no, I’m not scared. I did it once. I’ve had good practice.’
‘Coming out of hyperspace,’ announced Brenum.

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Prologue & Chapter One – Jedi Shadie Story 2

header prologue

Several months after the defeat of Darth Kromus.

Gareth was travelling along the snowy plains of the planet Csilla in Chiss territory.  Why the young Jedi apprentice had been sent there, he couldn’t guess exactly. The Chiss were a private species and kept mostly to themselves.  Blue-skinned with red blaring eyes, their appearance made Gareth rather uneasy, so did the thought of dealing with them in person. Gareth was glad he did not need to interact much with them.
           Indeed, he had been sent here for other reasons than socialising with the Chiss: a few standard weeks back, a report had been brought back to Coruscant, which spoke of fluctuating energy.  Apparently, it was causing Chiss ships to crash nearby on the planet, but they could not detect the source of the energy field. They had issued a report for a specialist from the Core. The Jedi, in hopes to forge a peaceful bond with the Chiss, offered to send a Jedi to check it out.  Gareth’s Master, a Jedi named Salah, had deemed Gareth ready to go investigate on his own, but Gareth kept his comlink close by in case he needed a long-range transmission to call for help. After all, he’d only graduated from padawan to Jedi recently. However, he could not tell why he would need help identifying energy readings.  He had a strange feeling, though, and that was why he remained alert.
           His scanners began to indicate abnormal readings; each sequence of beeps picking up in speed.  He followed the signal. He came to a cave in the snow. He entered and soon realised that somehow he could sense the mass of energy through the Force.  He pocketed his datascanner and followed the signal through the Force.

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shadie wistful (w watermark)

Here is a glimpse at Chapter One:

Images flashed through her mind: a crimson blade slashing off a leg, life drain, a barrier, then her blade, her dark side, coming down hard.
           Shadie woke up in a bounce, gasping for air.  It took a while for her to get her bearings back; it always did.  Her nightmares, no, her dark memories, were growing more and more intense, and becoming increasingly frequent.  She’d only returned from her temporary self-exile on Dantooine recently.
           Shadie dressed and walked through the halls of the Jedi Temple.
           ‘Jedi Eidahs.’
           ‘Master Juun,’ replied Shadie, as she turned towards him, surprised yet glad to see him.
           ‘What brings you roaming the halls in the dead of night?’
           ‘My dreams,’ she replied.  ‘They are disturbed.’
           ‘Shadie…sorry, Eidahs…  All Jedi falter at some point in their lives, but you are not inherently evil.  You were Sith once and came to the light, remember? You may have let your emotions overwhelm you when you killed Kromus, but you cannot let that control your fate.  You are here, are you not? You went to Dantooine to meditate many weeks, did you not? And you are not a Sith right now, you did not embrace the dark side.’
           ‘But when I killed him, yes, and therefore he won.’
           ‘Not entirely, if he did win, though I disagree with you altogether.’
           Shadie paused. ‘Master Juun Kloh?’
           ‘Yes, my pupil.’
           ‘What brings you back to Coruscant?’
           ‘I’m not sure. I was told a matter of great import needed to be discussed and the Jedi Council required my immediate presence,’ he replied.

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Dramatis Personae – Jedi Shadie Story 2

Taking place in the Old Republic Era, this Star Wars Fan-Fiction features Jedi Shadie / Eidahs, Celinka Serre’s alter ego. With new characters and plot lines, Jedi Shadie: Lady of Pure Light is the second installment of the novella-type series.

shadie story 2 main image (w watermark)

Continue the adventure-romance, to find out if Knarf survived, to discover the source of the strange energy readings, as a new threat to the galaxy is revealed.

shadie story 2 dramatis personae (w watermark)

Have a look at the list of characters to get a sneak peak to the story before it goes live.