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Preferences for Dragon Age 4, Future Mass Effect & KotOR 3

Answering another Q&A question, I get into some thoughts and what I would prefer to see regarding Dragon Age 4, a future Mass Effect game (Mass Effect 5) and regarding Knights of the Old Republic 3.

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Where To Find Darth Shadie: Lady of the Force Story and Image Gallery

11 Story 1 Chapter 9

Shadie Story 1 Chapter 9

In case you missed it and you want to catch up on some Star Wars Fan-Fiction reading, here is where you can find all the chapters for Story 1, Darth Shadie: Lady of the Force, all in one convenient place.


The archive is located on my website where I will be archiving future fan-fics from the main Shadie stories page:


You can also view each image separate from its chapter in the official Shadie/Eidahs Story 1 Photo Gallery:


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Tentacles! A Behavioural Analysis.

Binky Productions shares her experience with the infamous Tentacles! First found in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and later discovering their existence in real life, she explains how you could encounter them as well, what they do, how they act. This is a fun-filled, parodic behavioural analysis.

Spice Is Nice!

Binky Productions presents a game play video clip parody. So if there were a boy&girl band in SWTOR, what would the holovid of their second hit single look like? The Back Alley Scoundrels perform “Spice Is Nice”.