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Constellations of Thedas Part 2 (Dragon Age Lore)

Join Alphonce Herménégilde, scholar and astronomer from the University of Orlais, and me, as we explore more of the constellations from astrariums around Thedas. Today we go to the Storm Coast and to Crestwood. We explore the lore of each constellation in depth, before we can piece together the sky map of Thedas.

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Elves vs Elves

Binky dives into an in depth analysis of Elves from two geek franchises, Dragon Age and Lord of the Rings. She compares not only their physical appearances, but their social status, their magical talents as well as their language. Come geek out and see what is different and what is the same between Elves from Thedas and Elves from Middle-earth.

Dragon Age 4 Map Clues

Binky Productions explores the Map of Thedas as shown on the official Dragon Age website, which gives us clues to the Cities we may visit in the upcoming game installment, as well as give history and theories regarding these particular notable locations, explaining why each is relevant and what its relevance is with the History of Thedas, and predicting how it might impact Dragon Age 4.

Religions of Thedas

Binky Productions explores the various Religions in the world of Thedas from the Dragon Age games and uncovers some interesting numbers crucial to identifying the link between ALL these religions.

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