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How To Edit in Lightworks for Gameplay & YouTube (Lightworks Tutorial)

Here is a Tutorial on How to Edit in Lightworks, a free editing software for PC, for your gameplay videos and for YouTube videos, or basically to go from gameplay to YouTube, if said gameplay requires certain adjustments. I show you the basics of how it works with demonstration so that this can be a comprehensive guide for you, so that you can use Lightworks with ease. I also make a few comparisons with Final Cut Pro, which I use for my more elaborate video edits and talk about some of the differences that I like more and less about Lightworks versus FCP.

I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Lightworks, but it is free and I use it and I wanted to share how it can help you too.

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DIY Audio Booth

Binky Productions presents its own DIY Audio Booth video. Celinka Serre (Director and Editor) explains how she fixed up an Audio Booth that cost her literally $0.00.