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Maxwell Trevelyan Approves of You!

Thank you for watching Maxwell Trevelyan’s Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay.

Maxwell Greatly Approves!

Maxwell amused

You can find it all at this playlist to (re)watch Maxwell’s antics, flirtations, confrontations, etc.

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Rosie-Approved Hoodie (for gamers)

We gamers all enjoy different games and styles of gaming, different platforms to game on, and we all have our quirks and habits. Well, with the Rosie-Approved Hoodie, you’re letting everyone know your gaming habits are legit, because Rosie approves of them.

Rosie Hoodie showcase

Version A includes a dark green controller on its design and comes in a variety of light and fun colours.

Rosie Hoodie A showcase

Version B includes a light green controller on its design and comes in a variety of potent colours.

Rosie Hoodie B showcase

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How Rosie Knows Everything & Who is Thérèse?

And the story behind Estuches Normales!

How is it that Rosie, my pink hippo plushie, knows everything? What started it all? And who the heck is Thérèse. I answer all these questions and explain the story behind the “Estuches normales, my friend” thing as well. It all started with video games: Dragon Age 2 and Colonization IV.


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Loot Boxes (How Gambling Investigations May Affect Gaming in Quebec)

Here are my thoughts on Loot Boxes and how the investigations regarding them being considered as gambling may affect the future of video games and gaming in the Province of Quebec in Canada, due to our laws in regards to gambling.