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Open Invitation To My Followers To Come Follow Me On Steemit Too!

Remember that while I may share all my YouTube content here, and my fiction, fan-fiction, and many projects, there are still a lot of things I post SOLELY on Steemit, such as blogs, rants, recipes, photography, thoughts, healing things, stories, etc.

If you enjoy that kind of content and you enjoy MY content, then I’d like to invite you to Steemit. You don’t have to invest anything to be a part of the platform, and you can certainly read all my content there without having an account, but it’s so much more fun to be able to upvote your comments and for you to be able to curate some crypto income by upvoting people, commenting and sharing your own things there. Really, it’s a great platform, and I’d love to Follow and upvote you too.

On Steemit I am @binkyprod.

Let me know if you’re already there and who you are 😉




Freelance Writing – Updated Services

I have recently updated the services available by Binky Productions and Binky Ink. Newly added to the list of services is *Freelance Writing*.

Below is the description of the service as seen on the web page.

Expressing Opinion and Expertise

Expressly for Your Site

Binky Ink (in other words Celinka Serre) offers the service of Freelance Writing. I will write with integrity and in the tone your site or magazine requires. Be you an online magazine, newspaper, freelance website, writer’s blog site, website, or anything that would require a guest writer or freelance writer, I am here for you.


In the past, I have written for sites like Collectively Beautiful with Cindy Charles (DIY beauty), for PopOptiq (gaming and film), and for Everyday ADDvice (ADD and ADHD). I have recently joined The Muse Project on Steemit as a regular guest writer to write about relationships, women, healing and CPTSD.

Otherwise, I write regularly on Steemit, for all sorts of topics, such as: food, relationships, health, healing, gaming, abuse, etc.

If you would like me to write for you, simply reach out at: info@binkyproductions.com and let me know what topics you would like me to write for you, so we can discuss further details together. Thank you!